Bokutachi no Remake Vol. 1 : Prologoue

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One month after the shocking acceptance notice. At the end of the south of Osaka Prefecture, I was standing on the ground at the far end of the Minamikawachi District.

In front of my eyes, there was a huge concrete building.

“Oonaka Arts College──”

I read out loud the characters written near the top of the building.

Then, I compared it with the student ID inside my pocket.

“Department of Film; Kyouya Hashiba”

I have no doubt.

As a student of Oogei, I stood at this place on April of 2006.

I can’t believe it. I mean, time slips isn’t supposed to happen. Even if it can happen, why me?

So even if the 2006 calendar was on display, or my smartphone was replaced by a Galapagos cell phone with a camera, or even with my sister not only dressing up as a middle schooler but even acting like one, I was really skeptical. 1


After seeing myself in the mirror in the washroom, all my doubts vanished.

“For myself to be young again.”

And, well.

Somehow, I came back to the world of ten years ago.

After I calmed down from the shock, I thought about the acceptance notice in my right hand that just arrived.

After that, several college results also arrived, but I told my parents, “I want to enroll in an arts college.”

While I don’t understand the reason, it seems I got a chance to remake my life nonetheless. If that’s so, I want to choose a different route than before. I want to change something.

My parents had a suspicious face which said ‘how did you pass your first choice college’, but eventually, they said, “Do what you like,” and permitted it.

Today was the 11th of April.

I, who just finished the entrance ceremony in the auditorium, stood in front of this school building as a first-year student of the Oonaka Arts College Film Department.

“Umm, Ichizuka, at Ichizuka, turn right at this signal……”

After wandering around the college to my heart’s content, even though I’m not that old, I walked and searched for the two-storied wooden house that wasn’t particularly new.

“‘Share House Kitayama’…… is it here?”

The route that I’d have to commute from my parents’ home in Ikoma to Oogei at the Minamikawachi District was a bit bad, so after talking it over with my parents, we decided that I’d live near the college.

“No one…is around?”

The apartment was only a few minutes from the college by foot, next to a warehouse with boxes casually stacked outside. From what I can see from the outside, there wasn’t any signs of people in.

“Good afternoon. Is there anyone…as expected.”

When I entered with the key entrusted to me beforehand, I saw a shared common room that acted like a living room and dining room, with a table and a few chairs. There was a side door leading to the kitchen. On the left and right sides were doors leading to the bath and toilet. A hallway further down led to two rooms, with a flight of stairs to the second floor as well. The second floor had 2 more rooms. 2

From what I heard from the realtor, there were three more tenants. It seems all of us were first-years, so the atmosphere should be somewhat relaxed.

When I signed the contract, I had already decided where my room would be.

Going up the stairs, it was on the right side of the second floor.

It was already night when the futon, the T.V. I used in my room at home, and the box with my clothes arrived. At last, my room became more homey.

When I realized that, I noticed that it was completely dark outside.

“Haaah, well it should be fine if I do it little by little later.”

I opened the cover and drank the yogurt drink I bought on the way here.

Since a person living alone tends to have some bias to some food, the only advice my father gave before I headed to this boarding house lifestyle was to get some lactic-acid bacilli or natto bacteria.

Since my body broke down once ten years later, I decided to obediently follow that meddlesome advice.

“The other guys, I wonder if they’ve come yet…”

Even if they did or didn’t attend the entrance ceremony today, there have to be here before enrolment guidance starts. In other words, they should be here tomorrow. Even so, there wasn’t any sign of them arriving today.

“Haah, I guess I’m an arts college student.”

I didn’t have anyone to talk to. With nothing really to do, I took out my student ID from my pocket, gazed at it, then put it on my desk. Staring at it, I realized more that this is really happening.

I’m standing on the same start line that those in that platinum generation stood on.

We haven’t actually entered the college yet. However, this is the college that produced tons of famous creators. Once I graduate, I might be able to seize success as well.

“Perhaps, together with Shino Akishima, Kyouichi Kawagoe and N@NA, we might creating something!”

I am certainly curious as to the reason why I had a time slip. I might be able to think calmly about it, but it’s not like I have a clear grasp just with that. Am I involve in someone’s plan, or an unknown disaster? Anyhow, I didn’t have any lingering attachments to that life that reached the limits in the original world. Now I’m just thinking about what I should do. There’s not end to it, but….

Anyways for now, I am happy that there is a different future for me.

“Fua… Tired.”

Because of moving around due to the entrance ceremony and moving in, my body was more tired that I expected.

Leaving the yogurt drink that was halfway finished on the bedside, I crawled into my newly laid out futon.

Before I knew it, I fell asleep.

Since I returned from ten years ago, I’ve been a bit scared of my sleeping moments.

I’m afraid that if I sleep I might wake up to hear an ill-tempered loli goddess whispering to my ear, “Alright, that was a good dream right? Toooo bad! The life where the eroge company went bankrupt and you returned to your parent’s house was the right answer of course! Return to your previous era ☆.” And once I come to, I might be seeing my younger sister’s son riding on my stomach saying, “Uncle! Grandmother!” (ED: Hey! This isn’t isekai! Wrong genre pal! TL: I had the same thoughts too)

In reality, however, I did not return back to 2016 from the year 2006, whether I slept in the afternoon or at night. Before I knew it, I developed insomnia.


Because the curtains haven’t arrived, the morning sun completely beamed onto my eyes and it hurts.

Today’s plans is only the enrolment guidance, so there was no need to wake up so early…. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and look the scene in front of me.


“……………… Eh?”

I recognized it.

It was from my past of mine. That game that I help make in 2016. It was the completely overused situation; the fifth CG event in that game.3 [CG 005] Specifications

Situation: A girl is asleep in front of the protagonist. A divine morning light.

Clothes: A part of the clothes are exposed, and the breast can also slightly be seen.


The moment I realized that what I was seeing was real, I raised my voice and jumped up. At times like this, a cliche scream would really come out?!

“Huh…? It’s already morning?”

The girl cutely yawned,”Fuaaa,” her head lighting shaking, then firmly stared at my direction..


Enough to open a hole, her stare came at me.


The distance was probably around 15 centimeters. A girl’s face was right in front my eyes.

The eyes appeared to be droopy from waking up were slightly moist, her eyelids looking like they might fall. Still, they looked sufficiently big. Her tiny nose which was fit nicely on her face. Her lips were slightly parted. Although her childish features and physique was enough to make one think she was still a middle school student than a college student, it was still possible to declare perfection.


I unintentionally muttered in a low voice.

In an instant, the girl’s face twirled and turned away.

“I’m thirsty.”

Then, she casually pictured up the yogurt drink that I had saved,


Without time to stop her, she poured it down her throat in one gulp.

“Gulp, gulp, puwaa~. Yup, as expected of yogurt drinks in the morning!”


I wonder if it her lips were lose; the girl spilled the yogurt drink on her face and breast.

It was supposed to be a normal CG, but it was accompanied by an ero one as well.

Also, I noticed that contrary to her looks and small build, I noticed that her breasts were reasonably big. Since she’s here that means that she isn’t yet 18 years old, which is practically a crime…… is not the case. I am 18 years old after all.

“Y-you are…?”

“Eh? Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet!”

The girl suddenly stood up cheerfully. Even after getting up, as expected she’s still small.

“I came from Itoshima, which is at the far end east of Fukuoka…… fua?”

Just when she took some kind of pose, she slipped on the sheets, and her body danced around mid air.


I promptly extended my hand, but.



As it was now, it has become a state similar to catching the falling girl from the front.

“Ah, there’s also rooms on the second floor as well.”

“There’s two rooms here as well. Ah, there’s already somebody in? Is it open?”

A voice could be heard from outside the room, and the door opened wide.





I think god is malicious. Without any explanation, I returned ten years back. Next, the situation used in eroge that I did not wish for became a reality.

“U-um, you’re misunderstanding me. I was only sleeping here. Then when I woke up early, this child was sleeping next to me without any warning!”

“My futon hasn’t arrived. I borrowed it for a bit.”

The difference in explanations had quite a difference in enthusiasm as well; I was desperate while she was carefree.

“T-that’s-. Right now her head is on your crotch. I think you both should explain how you guys got all friendly and hugging each other in the morning…?”

Of the two that walked in, the gyaru-like girl looked at me and that girl on my crotch with a look like she was looking at something filthy. 4

“However, with even cloudy liquid…. Man, you are an unbelievable guy.”

As for the guy, he was nodding somewhat strangely and with an admiring look. There’s no doubt both of them are having a misunderstanding.

“This is yogurt! Also, this kid just fell down!”

“Sure sure, in the first place you were sleeping together~.”

“See! As expected!”

“You’re amazing!”

Like I said, you’re wrong!”

“There’s nothing wrong~.”

Ah, if it’s this scene, I wonder how many kilobytes this text might be able to earn….


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